How to Hide Your Belly Using Shapewear

extreme tummy control shapewear

Fat deposits in the belly area can make us feel self-conscious when choosing our daily outfits. However, don’t worry!

With the right outfit selection, we can still look confident and camouflage the belly we want to hide. Here are some outfit tips that can help in overcoming the problem of a big belly:

1. Make sure the material used is comfortable

Choose clothing that is comfortable and not too tight in the stomach area. Avoid materials that are too stretchy or clingy, as they can highlight the fat deposits on the belly.

2. The right size of the clothes to be worn

Choose clothes with the right size and according to your body shape. Avoid choosing clothes that are too tight or too loose, as both can make the belly look bigger.

3. The right pants to wear

Choose pants with an appropriate cut to accommodate a big belly. Avoid pants with a waist that is too low or too high, as it can emphasize the part of your stomach that you want to hide. Pants with a slightly higher waist or high-waist cut can be a good choice.

4. Patterned clothing is recommended

Clothing with prints such as vertical stripes or patterns that frame the body can help create a visual illusion that camouflages a beer belly. Avoid clothes with horizontal patterns that can add volume to the belly area.

5. Use shapewear

If you want to further tighten and shape your tummy, you can use extreme tummy control shapewear. Shapewear can provide a pressing and tightening effect on the abdominal area so that it makes you look slimmer.

The right shapewear is not only able to make the stomach look flat, but can also reduce waist size, improve posture, and make breasts and buttocks look sexier.
By wearing shapewear under tight-fitting clothes, you don’t have to worry about stubborn fat or tracing underwear lines as you walk. The result? You can perform with more confidence, right!

6. Use a Waist Trainer

Apart from using shapewear, you can use a curvy waist trainer. This garment is very popular among women, because it is believed to be able to make the body shape slimmer.
Waist trainers are made of thick fabric and rather hard metal boning, which aims to be able to shrink the waist, remove fat, prevent potential back injuries, reduce menstrual cramps, and provide control over appetite.

You can use the tips above to choose the right outfit to camouflage your beer belly and still look confident. Remember that every body is beautiful and it is important to love and care for ourselves with clothes that make us feel comfortable and confident.

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