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Top 3 Dishes That You Must Try At The Manhattan Fish Market

Top 3 Dishes That You Must Try At The Manhattan Fish Market

When would you say if we asked you where is the Manhattan fish market? Most of you would say it is in Manhattan, in Newyork. Well, guess what, it’s right here in Malaysia. Feeling puzzled? Manhattan fish market is actually a very famous seafood restaurant in Malaysia. It has its humble origins right here in Malaysia. However, the restaurant did really good business and has now gone international. Today you can find branches of Manhattan fish market all over Asia. In total it has about 60 restaurants all around the Asian continent. We have often visited it and we have tons of great memories from this awesome restaurant. So we decided to recollect our good experience and share it with you guys. In this article, we present to you the top 3 dishes that you must try at the Manhattan fish market. So let’s get started and see what’s on the platter.

Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter

The USP of this dish is that it is prepared right in front of the customers. As your food is being flamed, you watch it in eagerness. 
There is something about the process of preparing food right in front of us that makes us even hungrier. The chef uses a very special and in-house-made sauce on the flaming food. This sauce imparts a sweet flavor to the seafood. The platter consists of a variety of seafood. We liked the Calamari the most. 
Don’t forget to feast on the famous Manhattan Flaming Prawns as they are also served in the platter. You can also order for the platter in online via FoodPanda Malaysia and even though Manhattan fish market delivery would definitely deliver the platter at your address like it served in the restaurant!

Fisherman’s Platter

This one is for those who have a huge appetite. Some of our friends like to eat a lot and when they get their hands on a tasty dish, they just eat what normal people can’t even begin to fathom. For such appetite monsters, we would recommend Fisherman’s platter.
The sheer amount of seafood on this platter will surprise you. The star of the show here is the Barramundi. The fish is coated with the generous layering of a special in house spicy seafood sauce. The sauce accentuates the flavor of the seafood.
The meat is really soft and flavorful. Again, don’t forget to have those famous Manhattan flaming prawns. They are so famous that the restaurant includes them on all major dishes.

Grilled Flaming Lobster Platter

Now this one is for those who love lobsters. Honestly, we have never met someone who loves having seafood but doesn’t likes having lobsters. Yes, it’s a myth, lobster hating people do not exist. We all love lobsters so this one is for all of us. They flame the entire lobster right in front of you. For some people, having lobsters is like a luxury. We get it, lobsters are quite expensive. But at the Manhattan fish market, we found that they fall more on the affordable side.
Still a luxury though. And the fact that this luxury item is being flamed right in front of you is enough to pump you with excitement. Honestly, there is nothing to complain about here. The lobster was juicy and fresh. But don’t eat it in a hurry, try to savor every bite you have. You also get fried calamari, Garlic herb mussels, some fish fingers and garlic herb rice on the platter. Try the rice with calamari, it makes a really nice combination.
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